mardi 23 mai 2017

1988 Sarah Dash - You're All I Need

1981 Sarah Dash - Close Enough

1980 Sarah Dash - Oo-La-La

1978 Sarah Dash - Sarah Dash (Expanded Edition)

1987 Nona Hendryx - Female Trouble

1985 Nona Hendryx - The Heat (Bonus Track Version)

1984 Nona Hendryx - The Art of Defense (Bonus Track Version)

1983 Nona Hendryx - Nona (Bonus Track Version)

1977 Nona Hendryx - Nona Hendryx

samedi 20 mai 2017

Black Merda ‎– The Folks From Mother's Mixer 2004

The Complete Stevie Wonder Digital Box Set / 2005

part one

part two

part three 

part four

part five

part six

part seven 

part eight

part nine

part ten

part eleven

part twelve

part thirteen


This set comprises four sections

1. Albums

This section has all 32 albums, starting with The Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie through to A Time To Love . Both live albums from 1970 are included.

The previously unreleased album, Workout Stevie, Workout, is included. Although four songs from this album were released, they were mono mixes. The album on iTunes contains stereo mixes.

~ Albums 1962-1968
~ Albums 1968-1976
~ Albums 1979-2005

2. Mono Singles

All of the mono singles (including b-sides) are included. There are 61 tracks in this section.
~ The Mono Singles

3. Additional Singles And Rarities

The 81 songs here include Stevie’s tracks on the 4 Live Motortown (Motown) Revue LPs, the 1968 Japan only release of the Tamla-Motown Festival Tokyo 68.

The 3 tracks from Motown At The Hollywood Palace (2 are duets with Diana Ross), and all 11 of the foreign language songs Stevie recorded in the late 60s & early 70s. Also included are the stereo versions of mono singles that appeared on Greatest Hits or other compilations but not included on a studio album.

Just Enough To Ease The Pain and I’ve Got To Find Him are here, as are the contributions to soundtracks and duets (Pops We Love You, Ebony And Ivory, Used To Be, Too High w/ Norman Brown, True To Your Heart, Jesus Children Of America w/ BeBe & Marvin Winans, The Christmas Song). Two tracks from Syreeta LPs are included, To Know You Is To Love You & Harmour Love. There is a Motortown Revue UK promo and the section concludes with four seasons greetings messages from a UK promo.

~ Additional Singles and Rarities

4. Remixes

The remixes start with Pops We Love You and go through to So What The Fuss. On many releases, there was a remix and an edit but only the full length versions are included. Also included is Cold Chill - Prince Version.

The set also includes three videos, Overjoyed, Part Time Lover and So What The Fuss.

~ Remixes & Videos

In total there are 579 songs

Freedom - Get Up And Dance - The Best 1996